Technical Customer Services Consultant - Remote

Your role will be to resolve customer technical queries and consult a growing local and international customer base in a manner that enables them to make informed decisions.

The environment is fast-paced and dynamic and offers a rewarding career to someone who derives fulfillment out of seeing each customer’s query satisfactorily resolved by telephone or email. 

You will work as part of a self-organising team who value collaboration, teamwork and autonomy. There are no daily volume targets- only clearly defined quality standards.

Our organisational structure is flat and provides ample opportunity for career growth. The team value mastery of their role which is underpinned by an established mentoring and coaching culture. A thorough induction and structured training programme is followed to introduce Consultants to the organisation and the role. They are well supported by a team of software developers who empower both them and customers alike with the tools to get the job done.

Your daily responsibilities would include:

  • Assisting customers with email setup across various mail programs. 

  • Troubleshooting and assisting with email by applying your understanding of various mail access methods like POP and IMAP.

  • Troubleshooting and assisting with web hosting related queries, by applying your domain knowledge, which would include a high level understanding of various content management systems, of which Wordpress would be an example.   

  • Assisting customers to navigate our hosting control panel. 

  • Offering an extension of after hours support to our customers on behalf of various technical departments. 


The ideal candidate:

  • Demonstrates a passionate belief in the value of Customer Service to the business through principles and past actions/achievements;

  • Communicates with insight and understanding, concisely and clearly;

  • Is consistently patient, amicable and responsive in dealing with all people;

  • Demonstrates consistent administrative efficiency and accuracy; and

  • Is tenacious in pursuing constructive relationship outcomes.

Demonstrates a high level of proficiency in:

  • Communication: Written and spoken English;

  • Listen and comprehend;

  • Convey understanding of concepts, principles and procedures;

  • Administrative skills, attention to detail and troubleshooting;

  • Comprehending customer requirements and responding with the most simple, effective course of action on behalf of the business (“first-time-right” principle);

  • Understanding technical- and business concepts at a high level;

  • Questioning, taking ownership of and simplifying the tasks to achieve business outcomes.

Qualifications and experience:

  • A matric pass or equivalent is essential.

  • Previous experience with remote work is essential

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