Frontend Developer


Purpose of the role:

Design, build and maintain frontend applications using the appropriate coding and scripting languages, content management tools and other related software applications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with a team of developers and designers building frontends for Silicon Valley
  • Care and fight for the end-user experience and contribute to raising the baseline of what is the UI/UX industry standard.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for what you do, the huge creative freedom and ability to influence the project allows for this
  • Build relationships with developers in Poland,San Francisco, Cape Town and Brazil.


B degree and 7+ years of experience as Frontend Developer,

  • Good knowledge of CSS and CSS pre-processors,
  • Preferably experience in React (other frameworks like Angular,
  • Vue also possible, but if you want to work in React at the end),
  • Independent problem solving, but also being an excellent team player,
  • Skilled in vanilla JavaScript (Es5 /6 / 7, Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns),
  • Good command of English (written & spoken),
  • Familiarity with Git, front-end tools and bundlers,
  • Commercial experience.

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