Backend Software Engineer (Ruby/Linux)

Job description

Our backend software engineers make sure that when a customer hits a button in a Web application, magic happens on hosting infrastructure in a data centre somewhere in the world. A large scale, mass-market hosting infrastructure is a complex beast requiring quality automation and processes to make sure it can scale and perform optimally, 24x7x365.

This role involves engaging with a remote development team (in Vancouver, Canada) and will require a commitment to time shifting a few days of the week in order to facilitate ease of communication.

Let’s break it down:

Basically, you will be involved in

  • Solving interesting and large scale backend technical challenges
  • Being part of figuring out how we get better at what we do
  • Looking for opportunities to innovate and optimize
  • Understanding the needs of the customer in order to deliver innovative, robust solutions (In collaboration with the Product Owner and stakeholders of course)
  • Supporting the customer from an operational perspective when escalated by the Client Services team 

You probably have a passion for

  • Programming, open-source Technologies and IT in general
  • Optimal systems and simple procedures
  • Agile development and a self-organizing team environment
  • Sharing ideas and innovation


We would like you to be an absolute Ninja in the following

  • Design & development of backend software and APIs
  • Object-oriented programming using a language like Ruby
  • Software development within the Linux/Unix environment
  • Software development using a containerization platform like Docker or Kubernetes
  • Agile development practices (team focus, continual improvement, automated tests, refactoring, continuous integration, pair programming)
  • Effective communication
  • Self-motivation and self-management

Your qualifications include

  • BSc majoring in Computer Science will be advantageous, however, your ability to demonstrate your track record of writing quality backend software is what ultimately counts.
  • A minimum of 4+ years of software development experience

If your experience includes the following, it would be great

  • Thinking like a hacker and diving into the security details of the software you’ve built
  • Experience with Rancher, Docker Swarm or other container orchestration platforms
  • Understanding of database design and performance tuning (MySQL, Redis, etc.)

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