Backend Developer

Purpose of the role:

Creative, analytical, driven and energetic in pursuit of designing and building scalable applications with focus on functionality, security and reliability of the tech stack.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • You'll be architecting and implementing backends and their interactions with various data stores and other APIs to enable cutting-edge SV startups to do what they do best.
  • You'll be deploying your software using industry standard tooling like Kubernetes clusters, Lambda functions.
  • You'll be expected to care deeply about security in everything you do and to constantly raise the baseline of how we defend our user's data against external threats and themselves.
  • Your implementation will not end with your code, but with a container running in an environment.
  • You'll be implementing robust automated test suites to ensure high quality and low failure rate of
  • delivered code.
  • You'll be working DevOps style to make sure Defence-in-Depth principles are followed and containers are as secure as humanly possible.
  • You will have huge creative freedom and ability to influence the project, so you will take ownership and responsibility for what you do.
  • Build relationships with developers in Poland,San Francisco, Cape Town and Brazil.
  • Design and develop new back-end services
  • Focus on coding and debugging
  • Build clean and structured code and libraries
  • Research new tech that will benefit the team, project or client
  • Integrate user facing elements developed
  • Communicate effectively with the team locally and internationally
  • Provide insight and contribute to software design and architecture


Requirements and Experience:

  • Independent efficient problem solving, but also being an excellent team player
  • Bachelor Degree with a quantitative/technical major. Brownie points for ComSci grads
  • Good command of English, written and spoken
  • 10 years development experience. Our core back-end stack is Node.js. So at least 2 years experience using Node.js preferably with Nest.js and Typscript
  • High attention to detail
  • Expertise in at least one backend technology e.g. Java/.NET
  • Strong ability to clearly communicate concepts and ideas to team members as well as clients.
  • Good practical knowledge of at least one database system, e.g. PostgreSQL/MongoDB,
  • Experience in creating well-designed APIs,
  • Experience in utilising good security practices,
  • Readiness to learn and expand your skill set as required by ongoing projects
  • Experience in the following will be beneficial:
  • Hands-on experience with Node.js and TypeScript,
  • Proficiency in PostgreSQL or MongoDB,
  • Familiarity with Docker/Kubernetes/AWS deployment processes,
  • Experience in creating projects from scratch,
  • Experience with profiling and performance optimisation,
  • Experience in giving high quality feedback during code review,
  • Knowledge of testing JavaScript code (Jest/Mocha/Chai/CodeceptJS)
  • Automated software testing on unit/integration/end-to-end levels

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